The Top 5 Dog Training Schools in New York This Year


Are you in Manhattan and looking for the best in training schools for your pup? Then you are in luck. As passionate dog trainers, we love sharing the love and have found our favorite trainers in the area. All of them come highly recommended.

#1: Instinct Dog Behavior & Training

This training schools specializes in behavior modification and is certified and recommended by local veterinarians. From basic training to training to deal with aggression or anxiety, Instinct Dog Behavior & Training covers just about everything.

They also offer a unique puppy training program which includes follow-ups and you’ll also get a lifetime free Canine Good Citizen group class. They focus on relationship-based techniques to make a positive impact.

#2: Lauren’s Leash


Founder of Lauren’s Leash, Lauren Novack’s slogan is ‘dogs are people too’, which is a clear indication of her approach to training. Using scientifically proven relationship-based techniques, Lauren will provide tailored training for you and your pup.

With a master’s degree in applied animal behavior analysis, Lauren has what it takes when it comes to providing expert classes to dogs and their owners. She has a hands-on approach and will ensure you and your pooch can enjoy the benefits of living in harmony.

#3: School For The Dogs


This highly acclaimed training school takes a creative and modern approach to training techniques. They offer all types of training, including group classes where your pooch will learn crucial social skills. You’ll also be able to book private in-home training classes if you are in New York.

With a wide variety of classes available, they keep classes small to ensure every pooch gets the attention they need during training. Some nifty additions include training for dogs in ads, breed meetups and a private dog run.

#4: Shelby Semel Dog Training


Known for exceptional training services, the Shelby Semel Dog Training center focus on reward-based or positive reinforcement training techniques. They are situated in Manhattan and training focuses on equipping owners with techniques on how to effectively communicate with their best friends.

You’ll be able to attend group or private lessons, all covering a wide range of training including basic obedience. The Shelby Semel Training center is known for providing excellent support during and after training.

#5: Yuruani Olguin Dog Training

Yuruani has a great track record and some of her clients even call her the dog whisperer. As a certified dog trainer and student of canine psychology, Yuruani offers her services to those living in Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Whether you need her to do in-house training or would like to enroll your pup for one of her training classes, she’d be able to assist. She applies a positive training technique that focuses on voice and body language.

And that’s a wrap! We hope you get the dog trainer that suits you and your pets’ needs best. Remember, every dog has his unique personality and will react to specific training techniques in his way. Getting the one that works best will offer the most favorable results. Have fun!

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