The Top 7 Training Tips You Cannot Live Without Before Getting a New Dog


So, you’ve found a pup that’s coming home one of these days. Whether it’s one you are adopting from a shelter or bought from a breeder, there needs to be some structure and decisions made beforehand. This will ensure that when the time comes, your pup is ready for training already.

In this post we share some handy training tips that you can do at home once your pooch arrives, making everyone’s lives a little easier.

1. Decide on Specific Rules

Before your new pup comes home, you need to decide on how you will raise him. Think about things like where he would be allowed. Will he sleep in his bed, or share the bed with you? Knowing little things beforehand will make the transition easier for both of you. It is also great for establishing what is acceptable and what is not.

2. Make His Arrival Comfortable

You should already have a couple of toys, food, a bed, collar, and leash. But, when your new pup comes home, you should also make sure that he is comfortable as much as possible. Remember, this is a scary new place for him far away from his mom and his brothers and sisters. Consider providing a warm water bottle and a comfy blanket.

3. Teach Him His Name

As soon as you have decided on the perfect name for your pooch, you need to teach him what it is. He should know when you want him to come to you. Call his name a couple of times and when he reacts and comes to you, praise him for it. Phrases like “well done” or “good boy” as well as positive reinforcement is great for this.

4. Use Positive Reinforcement

Always reward your pup for good behavior. This training technique is known as positive reinforcement and is used by loads of people. Remember to reward him promptly – your pup’s attention span is not very long and will soon have forgotten what he did right if you don’t reward him immediately. Having treats handy will make this technique even more effective.

5. Don’t Let Him Jump Up

This is always a tough one as most pups want to jump up when they greet people. In general, this is considered to be bad behavior and you shouldn’t encourage your dog by giving him a scratch when he does so. When he jumps up, ignore him or turn your back on him.

6. Consider Signing up For Training

Training school is always a great idea. Not only will this provide you with the tools you need to train your pup successfully, but he will be surrounded by other pooches too. This is the best opportunity for you two to bond and for him to make friends and learn very important socializing skills.

7. Don’t Let Him Bite or Nip

If you are getting a puppy, you’ll soon realize when he is teething. He’ll start biting and nipping incessantly and you might even be a target too. By providing safe chew treats such as bully sticks for dogs, he’ll have something he can take his frustration out on. You can also act as if the bite has been very sore and pretend to cry.

These tips are perfect to get you started in training your new pup and welcoming him into your home. Remember to reward good behavior and you should be fine. Pups also love attention, love, and cuddles, so be sure to provide plenty of that too!

Top Tips For Training Dogs

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