Fundamental Commands You Can Teach Your Dog & How to Use Pizzle Sticks to Reward Him


While teaching your dog specific commands can improve behavior and give you more control, it can also be a fun exercise where you can bond with your best friend. It’s also a great way to avoid unwanted behavior and ensure you can curb bad behavior in the future.

In this post we discuss five fundamental commands you should start teaching your dog today.

1. Teach Your Dog to Stay


For you to teach your dog to ‘stay’, you’ll need to teach him how to ‘sit’ first.

  1. After you have commanded your pooch to ‘sit’, raise your hand, palm facing outwardly in front of you and say ‘stay’.
  2. Take a couple of steps backwards. If he stays, give him a treat as reward.
  3. Continue the exercise, taking a couple of more steps backwards every time.
  4. Remember always to reward him with pizzle sticks if he stayed. These all-natural, durable chew treats are wonderful treats for your obedient pooch!

It might take some time and patience, but it is well worth the effort. This will teach your pup self-control.

2. Teach Your Dog to Sit


Teaching commands usually kicks off with teaching your dog to sit.

  1. Get a treat and hold it to your dog’s nose so that he can smell it.
  2. Bring your hand upwards, he will follow the treat with his head and might even go into a sitting position.
  3. If he is in the sitting position, say ‘sit’ and give him his reward. Add some cuddles and a praise for extra positive reinforcement.

You should do this a couple of times daily until he gets it. Then, you can include the command in everyday activities like before meals or when you need his full attention.

3. Teach Your Dog to Leave It


A lot of times our dogs eat things we’d rather not have them eat. Sometimes these can be things like bones that might be harmful to them. Here’s how to get him to ‘leave it’.

  1. Hold a treat in both your hands, making your hands fists.
  2. Holding one enclosed fist to him, tell him to ‘leave it’.
  3. He’ll lick your fist, bark and try to get it. Simply ignore all these behaviors.
  4. If he stops trying to get you to give it to him, reward him with the treat in the other hand.
  5. Continue the exercise until he moves away from the fist you tell him to ‘leave’.
  6. Once he moves away when you say ‘leave it’, reward him.

This can be a long process, so be patient. You can also try to teach him not to snatch treats altogether if you continue practicing. A well-mannered dog is one that’s also able to control himself from being impulsive.

4. Teach Your Dog to Come


This is an excellent command if you want to get your dog’s attention and respond to you calling him.

  1. Get your pooch’s leash and collar and put it on.
  2. Bend down on your knees and say ‘come’ while slightly pulling him towards you.
  3. Once he is with you, give him a treat.

Repeat the exercise as often as possible, always giving him a bit more leeway. As soon as he responds to your command by himself, you can practice it without a leash and collar.

5. Teach Your Dog to Fetch


Who doesn’t love Cesar Milan, right? Well, he’s got a couple of neat tricks on how you can teach your dog how to fetch. Read his technique on teaching your dog how to fetch here.

Remember, teaching our dogs commands and training them is important not only for them but us and our relationship with them too. Training is a fantastic way to bond with your furball. Let us know how you did when you tried any of the techniques mentioned here.

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