Not sure who the best coach is to keep an eye out for when surfing YouTube? We’ve got you covered. These YouTube channels are well worth subscribing to. They are all very helpful and insightful for those training their dogs at home.

Donna Hill

Donna Hill is a behaviorist and dog trainer from Canada. On her channel you will find some handy tips and tutorials all neatly indexed to make it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Just Jesse

This channel is mostly entertaining but well worth checking out. It starts Jesse, a cute Jack Russel who has become a YouTube sensation. Visit his trainer, Heather Brook’s website to see how she trained him.

Ahisma Dog

Is your dog reactive? Then subscribing to Grisha Stewart’s YouTube channel is an absolute must. Here she shares some handy tips and advice on how to train your dog using the BAT technique.

Zak’s Dog Training Revolution

Zak is not your regular run of the mill trainer and you may find that he varies his techniques quite frequently. It is still a fantastic resource for learning handy tips on how to train your dog or if you want to become a dog trainer yourself.

Be sure to check in on a regular basis – we update our list of videos and YouTube Channels frequently. If you prefer reading a book, visit our Books page where you will find a list of our favorite books on dog training.

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